How to add remove programs in Windows 7

by Admin 9. August 2009 09:12

If you are moving from Windows Vista to Windows 7, then there is no much change in how to add remove programs and applications. But for users migrating from Windows XP, there is some change in how Add/Remove Programs works in Windows 7. Following is step by procedure that will show to add or remove programs in Windows 7.

Add/Remove Programs in Windows 7

  1. Click on the Start button and you will notice Control Panel item in right pane. See the picture below.
  2. Click on Control Panel option and it will bring up new dialog box Adjust your computer's settings. There is a option named Programs. Click on it.
  3. Clicking on Programs option will bring up new window that has section Programs and Features as shown below. You will notice that this section has few moe options to perform various tasks related to adding or removing programs.
    add remove programs in windows 7
    • Uninstall a program

      Clicking on this option will bring up list of all programs that are currently installed on your machine. Click on the one that you want to uninstall or update, click on that program. And then click on Uninstall/Change link in the bar to perform the action.

    • Turn Windows features on or off

      Clicking on this option will bring up list of all windows features that are currently turned on or are available to be turned on. You can go through the list of features and decide which ones you need to alter. Usually you will not need to access this option unless you are developing some applications or need to turn on or off or some windows behavior.

    • View installed updates

      Clicking on this option will bring up list of all the updates to various windows components have been installed on your machine. You will notice that they have been nicely arranged by component categories. If you know that any of these updates is causing unwanted effects, you can click on that update and then click on Uninstall to remove that update.

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