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This is a utility that can hellp you in finisding out if the versions of assemblies you have in bin folder of your application are the same as the ones that the application or assembly was compiled with. We have found this utility to be of great help in large projects where you have lot of assemblies linked to one assembly or application. Here is an example that I will give you from my personal expereince. I was wroking on a project that uses about 20 other assemblies from the solution. Every time I will execute the application, at certain point it will throw an exception at me that the version of assembly X does not match the one that was used to compile the component Y. And as the project started growing this became more and more of a problem. Then I decided to create this utility for our internal use.

This version has very simply UI and usage. As the time goes we will add more functionality to it so that it can become a helpful tool in resolving the conflicts.

Source Updates

  • 2/24/2006 - Version 2.0. This is contribution from David Thayer who is an independent consulant from Georgia. His interests include Complex Dynamic Systems, Multiagent Systems and Machine Learning.
  • 01/08/2005 - Version 1.2 released
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