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Web Data Extraction Service

In last decade internet has become intergal part of our day to day life. The web pages have become our primary source of data and information. A lot of sites publish data which you want to extract and present it in the way you want or analyze as per your requirement. And some time the data has to come from multiple sites. This means that you have multiple sets of data represented in different forms and different layouts. To build a solution to analyze different sets of data with one set of tools you perform the following steps.

  1. Download the data from different web sites

  2. Take this data and put it in some form of database

  3. And run your presentation or aalysis tools on them

Some of the examples of this kind of operations are:

  • Price Comparison Sites: These sites extract data from various manufacturer's site and present user with data in a tabular form which is easy to understand and allows users to make more information solutions.
  • Stock Price History: A site that will extract financial data from a finance web site for various stock symbols and present user with analysis of the hostorical data for stocks
  • Web Site Rank Comparison: A site that scrapes data from various engines and finds the position of a given web site for given keyword(s) and present the results in a table at one place.

Uses of scren scrapping or web scrapping technologies are endless. As long as there is some data presented to users on consoles (screen, web page etc.) there will always some application that want to extract that data and analyze and add value to the data.

Web Scraper Services

Netomatix team has been building custom web scraper, screen scraper and data scraper applications for its clients for few years now. We have vast experience in building data extraction applications in areas of financial sites, job search sites, search engine scrapping, price comparison, job listing, real estate listing, document management and more. If you are looking into building a solution based on extracting data from a site contact us. We can provide you help in building complete end to end solution or build back-end APIs that will extract the data and present it to you in some tabular form or any other format that fits your bussiness object model.

We build all our solutions on top of our popular HTMLParser.Net library that has more than 2000 downloads per month. You can either use our community edition which is free. Or you can buy our professional version which provides more APIs and optimizations.


Following are the links for some of the web scaper APIs and applications that we have built for our clients. This is not a complete list. These examples are here to show you some of the recent work that we have done.

Contact Us

Click on the following link or write email to support@netomatix.com. Briefly describe your requirements and we will contact you with possible solution.

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