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As you all have been using our site to get useful samples, tools, tutorials etc. to help you solve your programming problems. And we appreciate your continuing support. We encourage other authors to publish their articles, share their reviews, publish their tips and tricks etc. on our site too. And guess what, you can get paid for the articles you publish on this site.

How do I get paid for my articles?

No, we do not pay you directly for the articles you publish here. We allow authors to embed their Google Adsense code into their articles. When users view your article and click on the displayed in your article you earn that click's revenue. Since the site is one of the high traffic sites in programming world, you have more visitors to your articles and you have more chance of making money with adsense program.

  1. You need to have a google adsense account if you want to embed the ads in your articles. If you do not have adsense account, then you can click on the following image to get started.

  2. Create an account on our site. If you do not have one already, then click on the following link to create your account.

    Create Account
  3. When you create account, make sure that you specify your name in your profile. We will show your name next to article title. And if people want to see all articles published by you, then they can search on your name.

  4. Goto Publish page and upload your article content.

  5. After we review the article and approve it, then it will be made live on the site and we will notify you about the publishing and send you the URL to view it.

How many ads can I embed?

You can embed two adunits. You can not embed adunit of leadernoard size (728x90) because there is already one at the top of the site. You can embed ads of square or rectangular size. You can position your ads where you feel the best position is for maximum visibility and more chance of making revenue. If you want we can position the ads for you. We encourage you to create a separate channel for publishing articles on our site. This way you can easily track the performance of your articles on our site.

Can I embed ads from publishers other than Google?

Yes you can do that as long as they do not mimic google's ads or are image ads. If we see that ads from other publishers are violating Google Adsense policies, we will inform you about it and replace the ads.

Can I publish my article that has been published somewhere else?

Yes, you can publish those article as long as you own the copyright to those articles and you do not have exclusive agreement signed with other site about not publishing the article elesewhere. You will be solely responsible for making sure that your article does not infringe any copyrights. If we recieve and copyright violation complaints, we will remove the article from our site immediately.

Can I publish aggregated RSS feed?

You can publish feed from your own blog only. We do not allow publishing feeds for which you have not obtained permissions from the original publisher.

Does the site inserts its own ads in the article?

From time to time we stream our sponsor's ads on the pages and lot of time we put google's leaderboard at the top of each page, one at the bottom of page and one on extreme right. The ad units at bottom or right are only displayed when google can not find any relevant ads to display in your ad units.

How do I track my earnings?

You can login into your adsense account on google site and track the earnings from their.

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